Tennessee, Jackson 07/01/11 7:30 PM
Same as above. It is also near the area where a hunter in a deer stand had reported an encounter with a bigfoot. It is where Macon, Clay and Jackson Counties come together.

Clear and warm.

As a friend and I were driving home through North Springs in Jackson County, Tennessee, we were on the road just off Hwy. 56 headed north on the Red Boiling Springs road. It has a road number, but I can't recall it. As we neared a place in the highway where the spring rain deluge in May, 2010 washed out the road bed, this animal on two legs came down this sheer cliff which is virtually straight up from the road bed. It was on two feet and when it hit the road bed, it cleared it in two or three steps, vaulted over the guard rail and down another equally steep incline. As it came up out of the draw at the bottom of the incline, you could see in the dim light (dense forest made it even darker) but it was beginning to be dark and I had my headlights on and it was a full moon which illuminated the area where it was walking. It was huge and walked slightly bent at the shoulder level and you could see massive arms and hair hanging from them.

I actually had to brake to keep from hitting this thing and we both looked at each other simultaneous and said, "what the hell was that??" We both agreed not to tell anyone at the time for fear no one would believe us. And, I'm sure they wouldn't. I'd be skeptical too if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

mt, skamania co. wash. 02/15/06 just after dark
We had hiked 8 miles into ";Indian Heaven Wilderness Area"; just north of MT.Adams, east of Mt St. Helens.We camped right near the trail,at the n.e. end of a small lake../I wanted to camp across the lake, but gave in Mike's wanting to camp by trail. The winds had died down about dark and as we were sitting around the campfire we began to hear the trees and bushes being thrashed about across the lake rather noisily,{where I had wanted to camp,mind you}.Then a loud moaning and screaming began, along with the thrashing. Mike asked what it was, and I jokingly said that it was bigfoot telling us that he didn't want us here, and to just ignore it.It went on for quite a while, and died down after we crawled into our tent to go to sleep.In the morning I wanted to go investigate but not by myself!!,so we left and went home.We told our mom and a few freinds about it but no one beleived us, so we forgot about it.6 months later I found a book about hiking in Indian Heaven and it has a story about some people who camped at the same lake we did, and they descibed experiencing the same thing we did,thrashing in the bushes,moaning, and screaming from across the lake. They said in the book that they thought it was sasquatch too. that was in 1946!!!!! When I showed the story to Mike his face turned pure white!! Also in 1990 I was trying to hike into an old mine in the mountains at the headwaters of the Washougal RiverN.E. of Vancouver,Wa.I was walking with my 9 mo. old timberwolf and a machete to clear the trail.After we crossed the creek and started walking down the old mine road which made a u-bend and went down the river, something started to follow us from the end of the ridge. I could hear it, but since it didn't seem to bother Kiche, I just ignored it.When we had gone about 1/2 mile, we came to a rock slide across the road so I started to see fossils in the debris, so I spent quite a while looking at rocks. This whole time I could hear the noises on the ridge above us. After a while it attracted Kiche's attention and she started to growl, and stare at the ridge. I looked and looked and could see nothing so I decided to take my rocks and go back to my car. Whatever it was on the ridge followed us back to where I first heard it.I could hear it but not see anything!So we left. Afterward I thought that we should have charged up that ridge and tried to see what it was.That's easy to say now, but not when it's happening!!!!!!!!!

high winds had just stopped

my brother. Micheal

mi, florida(starting entrance of the keys) 02/10/06 just before dark
we were all hitch hicking to the keys for work possiblities. it was starting to get dark so we decieded to start a camp right by the left hand side of the road.us two girls decided to stay back to unpack our sleeping bags. when all of a sudden the two guys came back talking quietly get up we are gone .we said why they said look pointing to along area of field then after that a wooded area .all of a sudden this open feild had objects as tall as the tree's coming towards us. we tried to gather are things up when all of a sudden we heard this sniff sniff grrr ugh, we bolted to the road and a light the stink was so bad it made us want to vomit. we decieded at the light to split up into couples because no one would pick up four people. we knew we were in trouble even separated we must have walk a while no car coming but we were at the begining of the keys going back the way we came .all of a sudden we got the horrable smell again . oh god we thought we we going to be killed and never be found .then it got so quiet it was unreal and we heard this blood cruddling scream . it was the couple that was ahead of us . again we heard another scream we started running to get up to our friends up ahead of us. when we got to them she was get screaming and he said they tried to grab her all he could do is scream and houler for us he said they let her go when he picked up a stick screaming let her go and hitting it while he said there were more in the woods watching you could see there eye glow are the street lights hit them right. the smell was bad I mean bad like something had crawled up and died around them and us. there were battered and looked like they seen a ghost white as sheet linen you could still smell it we all stayed together we walked for miles with these eye on the side of the road watching us the smell was like a fresh dead snunk only really fresh we were always hearing these stiff, stiff, grrugh. when we finally got a ride we were more into a town more lighted and into day light the smell stopped when the street came more lights.the brighter the light of day the less the sounds.we walked out of the begining of the keys with nothing left everything to keep alive . I say to this day it was mating season for these creatures. I know its there I'm glad I'm alive and seen smelled and heard them . it's just horriable don't mess with mother nature or god creations there out there as clear as your fingers on your hand .carnivorus don't know I'm alive they are to. just before you go into the start of the keys. and everyone told us we were crazy. now who is the crazy one

winter/spring/mating season I think

my self ex husband and two other married people

no just horrified memories